Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I hope this becomes a Mother's Day tradition...

Last year for Mother's Day 2007, my 3 children took me to a local nursery and allowed me to pick out a couple of trees for my under-landscaped yard. We brought my treasures home and my sons planted them for me. (And considering our soil is some of the heaviest clay I have ever seen, that was no easy task.)

Big brother Brian and little brother Michael planting a pretty Autumn Flame Maple last year.

This year it was Michael and Daddy planting a total of 3 Autumn Flame Maples to completely line the street in front of our home. And when they grow, they are going to be absolutely beautiful and our "new" home will feel like it is in an "old" neighborhood. I can't wait! And wouldn't it be nice it if that is how we spend Mother's Day for many years to come - planting lovely trees on our 2 acre lot? Do you have any favorite Mother's Day traditions in your family?

I am not sure how often I have to water this little sprout!!

But being the fortunate woman that I am, the trees being planted weren't my only gifts I received. My wonderful husband gave me a dozen roses and a card that touched my heart. My 3 kids got me a beautiful necklace and Michael gave me an organza bag with homemade soaps (which I have a passion for).

The soap actually came from the unit where Michael has his chemotherapy every Friday. They had a table full of gifts that the kids could pick from to surprise their mothers and Michael picked the perfect gift for me. Also, the children in Michael's class put together a Cookbook for their mothers. Check out Michael's blog for the details on that.

Here is a closeup of my necklace (which my daughter found on Etsy). It is just perfect!! It is shaped like a nest with 3 little pearl eggs for my 3 little chicks. I will cherish it always. What is your favorite Mother's Day gift?

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day -

I know I sure did. JoAnne


tales from an O.C. cottage said...

what a great tradition ! What niiiice gifts!

M ^..^


Hello Dear Blogger!
I had a wonderful Mother's Day, and wish forever for all mothers...